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Tanya San Diego


Most of the times,  if it’s someone on the trolley/street, it’s a sexual demeanor, if it’s in class or somewhere professional, they’re demeanor is either nervous or friendly. 


You can compliment a woman by not mentioning what you’d like to do to her sexually.

You can compliment women by not mentioning sex.

Compliments don’t revolve around genitals. 

Telling a woman you want to have sex with her is NOT a compliment.

That is all. 

(via suprchnk)


Thanks boo, I’ve been taking it for 3 years now, it’s helped with a lot of pain I used to have to go through, but i’ve been taking it for recreational use the past 2 years i guess. idk, i take it a lot, but It’s been a week or so and i’m doing well, just smoking a lot of weed to not think about it lol


Very deep son. I agree though, shit falls apart, but that’s what life is about, nobody got it easy, it’s all about picking up shit and moving on, and that’s what being an adult consists of, I THINK, but idk.